Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Management reSOLUTIONS for 2012

Managers - Have you set your reSOLUTIONS for 2012 yet? It's not too late. Here are 15 suggestions for a more productive workplace and higher employee engagement!

  1. Be a More Effective Listener and a Better Story Teller
  2. Provide Feedback in a Timely Manner
  3. Get to Know Your People as More Than Employees
  4. Learn to Delegate and Begin to Cross Train
  5. Focus on Diversity and Inclusion for Productivity
  6. Be More Goal-Oriented
  7. Tie Your Corporate Business Strategy in with People's Values
  8. Be Consistent with Your Performance Management Process
  9. Realize Your Primary Role is to Develop People
  10. Prioritize Your Roles and Responsibilities Daily
  11. Manage Your Email and Turn Off Message Alerts
  12. Be Positive - Learn to have a "Positude"
  13. Find Opportunities to "Stretch" Your Skill Set
  14. Schedule Time with Yourself, Don't Multi-Task
  15. Establish Trust as the Foundation for All You Do!

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