Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What is the engine in your company?

By Richard Hohmann, VP, Innovative Leadership

How empowered is the "middle of your company?" Many companies have been focused on leveraging their top talent, investing in high-potentials and preparing people for the C-suite. Some are doing a better job than others but the real key is that in the midst of all this segmentation, have you thought about the "engine" of your workforce -- your middle management and consistent performers?

These are the people, over the last several years, which we have asked to do "more with less," increase innovation, collaborate and work globally. However, many have failed to give the middle of the organization the support it needs to succeed in today's modern work environment. With the right support, middle managers empower your front-line employees to grow and learn on the job.

Ann Burack-Weiss and Barbara Silverstone article Success of Middle Management Depends on Upper Management states; "The empowerment of middle management is an ongoing process. It consists of a blended approach in which outside resources such as online or in-person courses and readings on leadership and supervision are mixed with upper management modeling the very strategies they wish to instill. This includes the provision of regular feedback to the middle manager."

Our "Making of an Effective Manager Course", Voted the #1 Management Development Program by Entrepreneur Magazine, is just such a vehicle. (See Below for More Details) Your middle management delivers your desired outcome by implementing the business strategy and engaging the workforce by demonstrating their value to the designed outcome. Our Course provides a better understanding of the problem with the methods for providing solutions, and the need for demonstrating the appropriate behaviors to elevate the productivity and performance of your people and company

Enroll you middle management team now and see the difference.

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